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The Virginmarys


With a sonic spotlight falling on the raw percussive power, rancorously electric vocals and off-the-Richter-scale overdriven guitars, the radio-ready rock track is a rampage of resonance and un-holy guidance for everyone who wages a war with the black dog daily.

The title track from their forthcoming EP is the third single released this year; it follows in the boisterous footsteps of the first two singles from the EP, The Meds and You’re a Killer, which have been spun on Radio X, been in heavy rotation on BBC Introducing, dubbed Classic Rock Magazine’s Track of the Week and officially playlisted on YouTube, Apple and Deezer.

Guitarist/vocalist Ally Dickaty comments, “Devil Keeps Coming in many ways is a trademark Virginmarys song, personal lyrics with wordplay, mixed with the gritty rawness and engine of Motorhead. I like to think if John Lennon and Lemmy wrote together and had John Bonham on drums, the sound could be something similar to what we’re creating. Our heart is in rock, but we take influences from everywhere and it's always about progression.”

“Now slimmed down to a no-nonsense twosome, the Virginmarys pull zero punches.” Classic Rock Magazine

“Ally and Danny combine the sneer and swagger of The Rolling Stones with the snarls, pace and sharpness of Motörhead”. Moshville Times

“Punk music isn't dead -its legacy and spirit anyway. Neither is rock and roll. It's there, and here's one band I'm currently smitten with: The Virginmarys”. Huffington Post

“Sure, they’ll eventually burn in hell—but enjoy them now while we can?” Rolling Stone

“A superior band”. Kerrang Magazine